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Kalambani Bridge repaired

 Kalambani Bridge in Tseikuru Ward has been repaired three months after Mwingi Times highlighted the danger road users were facing while using the road which leads to Wiper party leader Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and Kora National Reserve.

A newly repaired Kalambani Bridge in Tseikuru. Mwingi Times highlighted the huge potholes on the bridge in April this year and it trended on social media leading to action by authorities. Photo/ALFRED MUTUA

In February this year, Kalambani Bridge in Tseikuru sank following heavy rains. The concrete plastered across the road gave in leaving behind a huge pothole.

The Mwingi Times story detailing the scene as neglected is what sparked criticism. Mr Abraham Mutai used his Twitter account to show the state of Kenyan roads and Tseikuru’s was one of those featured. He had used the #StateOfKenyanRoads hashtag to drive the debate.

On Facebook, the bridge attracted huge debate which centred on castigating local leaders for lack of unity of purpose and “bad politics”.

The online debate degenerated to partisan politics but the residents were in agreement that it needed repair in a quick manner to avert disasters which may befall road users.

When asked who repaired the bridge, a resident said: I don’t know. But people waited for local leaders until help was not forthcoming.

A well-known leader asked residents who had came for help in his home: Why have you came to worship me instead of going to church?

The leader did not help the residents. But as to whoever came to their rescue when they were in need, they are thankful, they say.

It is a year to general elections and such projects as these will be used to campaign where political leaders will be re-elected and others voted out.

Kalambani Bridge in Tseikuru town, Kitui County on April 16, 2021. Photo/MWINGI TIMES


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