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Ikanga political leaders and who-is-who in Ikanga have assured Kitui pioneer Governor and "father" of development projects in Kitui Dr. Julius Makau Malombe of their full support in his endeavours to restore sanity in Kitui County come 2022. 

 Former Kitui Governor Julius Malombe. Photo/FILE

Led by well- known business icons, professionals and political leaders, they expressed their disappointment by the current Kitui County leadership which according to them has not done any projects in the area

Speaking during a consultative leaders meeting yesterday in Ikanga, leaders across all the villages in Ikanga/Kyatune ward said they were prepared to traverse all the corners of Kitui County not just in Ikanga hunting for votes in their quest but also to ensure Dr.Julius Malombe takes the throne as the Kitui CEO come August next year.  

They praised Dr. Malombe for initiating more than 5,000 life- changing projects in Kitui County during his tenure as Kitui governor. 

*"Ngavana Malombe ithyi ta andu ma Ikanga nitwanoiswe ni uthukumi muthuku wa Kaluki. Vai uthukumi twaaona kuma wauma kivilani" reiterated one of the leaders present in the meeting assuring him that Ikanga people will have voted him in as early as 6am.

They termed Mbee Nzei government as a failed regime, with no intention to work for the people of Kitui but only to loot their resources just ‘as they have always done since August 2017’.



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