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Uhuru appoints Mwingi lawyer as Land court judge

 President Uhuru Kenyatta has appointed 34 judges vetted by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) in 2019. He has left out six others vetted by JSC.

Mwingi lawyer Kyania Nzili (pictured) is among the 34 judges appointed by the president today. Photo/MWINGI TIMES

Of note is Mwingi-based lawyer Kyania Nzili who has been appointed as Land and Environment judge.

Conspicuously missing are six other judges who were vetted by JSC and presented to the second-term president for appointment.

The Executive and Judiciary have been having frosty relations with delays in appointment of judges and cut in budgetary allocations to the courts.

Revisiting? Only time will tell.

The wheels of justice seem to be turning slowly with a pile in court cases for Kenyans waiting for justice to be served.


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