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Seku students burn tyres, erect barricades in dusk strike

South Eastern Kenya University (Seku) students based at Kwa Vonza (main campus) spent the better part of this evening burning tyres in protest of what they termed as harassment.

 Scenes from student demos at Kwa Vonza, Seku's main campus. Photo/COURTESY

They lit bonfires and took photos with their smartphones as plumes of toxic fumes ascended to the skies.

Mwingi Times did not get a response from the university during the protest.

On its official website, it kept off updating it on any new development of the student unrest which is now a subject of public interest.

One resident reacted to the protest that burning tyres to express their dissatisfaction with the situation was not a solution.  He did not go on to recommend what they should have done better.

Another said, “The unrest is serious. Comrades have not settled tonight. Still burning tyres”.

Some of the placards used in the demo read “JUSTICE FOR ZAGA”.

Residents have called for peace to prevail and a lasting solution to be arrived at.

We came across an internal memo written by the Vice Chancellor Prof Geoffrey Muluvi. Muluvi assured his students that the university management was aware of an incidence that occurred yesterday evening at Kwa Vonza and is being investigated. 

However, the memo was not available on the official website, raising authenticity queries. It was signed. Nonetheless.

“I write to assure the student community and indeed the entire university fraternity that investigations are being carried out and those involved will face the full force of the law”, he said.

The VC warned students engaging in illegal activities during the demos to cease. He pointed out that some were blocking the Kitui- Machakos road hence creating disturbances.

Seku has other compasses in Kitui town, Mtitu Andei and Wote.



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