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GOV’T officer bitten by snake in mysterious circumstance

A Kitui county government driver is recuperating at Mwingi Level Four Hospital after he was bitten by a snake in a near supernatural ordeal which many now describe as witchcraft.

David Musyoka recuperating at Mwingi Level 4 hospital after he was bitten by a snake at Kwa Mbungu market which is 3km from Mwingi town. Photo/MWINGI TIMES

Mr David Musyoka is the man who sustained injuries following the bite. He comes from Kitui East sub county.

Musyoka was driving towards Mwingi town when a snake fell from the sky into his car after it escaped a talon grip from an eagle.

Before Musyoka could do anything, the snake entered his car and bit his left arm. He immediately stopped the car and called for help. All this time, it was sinking its fangs on his arm.

After hearing his cries, residents of Kwa Mbungu market rushed to his rescue. They swiftly commenced efforts to slay the snake which was resting near Musyoka’s car.

Out of nowhere, the eagle which had dropped the snake emerged again picking it up and ascended to the skies.

The man had to drive himself to the hospital due to lack of standby ambulance in Mwingi town.



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