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Commanded to love one another

 Alisema is a gospel song by Papa Jadis. The singer’s message is based on Ten Commandments.

 Papa Jadis on the cover of his new song Alisema. Photo/COURTESY

Expressing his support for local talent,  Henry Mwangangi, the director, tells his followers, “Listen to this project that I did for Papa Jadis”.

Visit the singer’s YouTube page to view the full video. You can subscribe and share the song to your social media followers too. 

Give your views about the song which is full of blessings for all.

The song is based on Exodus 20 where Moses was given 10 Commandments by God.

The production is directed by Henry Mwangangi, a media personality from Mwingi.

This is the link to view the new song on YouTube:

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