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KITUI central MP Makali Mulu likely to lose his seat to an MCA come 2022

Kitui central MP Makali Mulu is likely to lose his seat to either Miambani ward MCA Alex Nganga or decorated KBC TV anchor Bonnie Musambi in 2022 polls, if a survey which was contacted recently would be anything to go by.

To the surprise of many, Dr. Makali came third in strawpoll survey contacted across all major social media networks in Kitui Central.

Miambani MCA Alex Nganga led the poll with a margin of 42.21%, followed by Bonnie Musambi who scored 28.72% while the incumbent Dr. Makali Mulu came third with 11.73%.

Educationist Joseph Muviwa Kasyula emerge fourth with 8%, while Businessman Henry Musyoka Kituti came fifth with 5%. Kitui Hustler nation point man Moses Banda emerged eighth with a mere 3.15%.

To the surprise of many some contestants in the Kitui central parliamentary seat race scored a clean zero. These are the likes of Businessman Sino James and Lawyer Katunga Mbuvi. 

If the above results are anything to consider in projecting who is likely to win the Kitui central parliamentary seat come 2022, Miambani MCA Alex Nganga would emerge victorious. This is a clear indication that Kitui youths who are the most social media users are tired of the current leadership and are yearning for change and they might go for a youthful person as their choice.

Story compiled by: Mwingi Times reporter in Kitui

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