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KANINGO: No electricity for a month

 Residents of Kaningo village in Tseikuru Ward have endured inconveniences caused by electricity outage provided by Kenya Power, a monopoly.

Fallen electricity post and cables posing danger at Mathuva Matiti farm in Kaningo. Photo/MUSYOKA NGUI

“Since it rained, we have not had electricity at Kaningo”, says Mr Wycliffe Mumo. He goes on to add Tseikuru town is better off given it gets some power on on and off basis but Kaningo has had no electricity since March rains started.

At Mathuva Matiti farm, cultivating cannot take place well and grazing cattle is a herculean task lest they are electrocuted.

The nearest Kenya Power office is located at Mwingi town which is over 130km from Kaningo.

Last Saturday, there was no hydroelectricity at Kyuso town. Saturday is the market day at Mwingi North sub county headquarters.

Several businesses running on electricity are counting huge losses due to the outages. They include welders, beauty salons and cybercafés.

On its website, the power distributor has not noted the power outage complaints. It last updated power interruption schedule three months ago.


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