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Pauline K's upcoming song

Inawezekana hitmaker Pauline K. is a young Gospel artist living in Nairobi. She finds time to offer us an exclusive interview. Given the social media era, we find it easy to piece together her story.


Pauline K during an interview with Mwingi Times. Photo/MUSYOKA NGUI

Pauline K describes herself as a God fearing lady, a writer and a singer. During her time in the ministry, she has been able to get many connections from members of the congregation.

She will be releasing another album soon. When Mwingi Times asks when she only says “yes… very soon before this year ends.”

In 2019, Pauline Mulandi released eight songs all under the Inawezekana album. They are Damu Ya Yesu, Uinuliwe Yesu, Nakupa Sifa, Mungu Kimbilio, Holy Spirit. Others are Yesu Shuka and Twajiachilia.

Skiza tune

Her ardent fans say that they are blessed by the worship tunes in her collection. All these songs have Skiza codes which listeners can subscribe to. For instance, the Skiza tune for Inawezekana is 7757482. 

 Pauline K's Inawezekana album in 2019. Subscribe to her Skiza tunes. Photo/FILE

“When listeners call me about the songs I sing, they congratulate me saying the songs are good worship and God is taking me to far places”, she says. 

Pauline K’s mentors in the gospel music industry are Mary George and Wilberforce Musyoka.

The drawbacks in her career are inadequate finances and what she calls “ignorance from people”. She also challenges Airtel to avail a signature service tune like Skiza in order for her fans to subscribe to her music. The Skiza tune has not been working well because many people use airtel line in Mwingi.

Pauline comes from Kitui County, Mwingi North, Tseikuru District.

Watch and subscribe to her music on Youtube The channel is called Pauline K. This is the link to her channel:



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