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Ngilu’s Minister forced to sing to calm Tharaka hostility

It was the worst ever welcome for Kitui CECM for Sports, Culture and Tourism Hellena Ken, this is after an MCA aspirant in Tharaka Ward one Muthengi Ndagara and who happened to have vied on a NARC ticket but lost in 2017, tore apart Ngilu’s government claiming that Tharaka people had been marginalized by her government.

The crowds went rowdy moments after cheering on their son Ndagara, who seemed to had directly said what was in people’s hearts. After he was handed over the mic, area MCA Kithome Nthuri lost his temper and immediately started to stammer trying to demonize the boy who had rattled him, almost causing him an heart attack. It was no longer a secret now; their love had shifted towards the young man who is a former journalist.

“I’m warning you against electing such rogue young men who can’t identify that the day of today wasn’t meant for politics,” tried to say Mr. Nthuri who was face with a humiliating booing by the residents. 

The young man was addressing residents of his area at Ciambiu market in Thagicu Sub county, in Mwingi north constituency, Kitui during the national fete to mark the World’s women day,
Mr. Ndagara said that Ngilu had forgotten him even after fetching a lot of votes for her in the area, then instead of undertaking development in the area she started telling residents folktales of a Kitui based big clothing company called KIKOTEC, as if residents would bath and drink clothes.

“All we need is water, Good healthcare and good road network, this company they have put up in Kitui town can’t help us that much. We can’t all be employed there, neither can we all get free clothes from there. Whatever Ngilu’s government has done to us is disgusting,” said Ndagara. 

The worst of all, the MCA aspirant claimed that in the nearest dispensary doctors were relying on light from torches while contacting deliveries, as the hospital lacked any stead power supply. The pathetic state of roads in Tharaka was even more horrible, painting a clear picture of how function-less a government could be.

Ndagara may either by chance or good luck, spoken the truth about the needs of his electorate and made them very proud of having such a son as their leader. 

And now it came the time for the CECM Hellena Ken to speak, the environment was super-hot, residents wore very angry faces following the unpalatable lecture by their area MCA Mr. Nthuri. Hellena had now been introduced to a new phenomenon of public lecturer and dress down of her government. She tried to speak in vain. But all she could do perfectly was to sing at least to summon the spirit of God for guidance.

Let me tell, God works miracles because once she started to sing her song “Mambo yabadilika”, the crowds rose and danced vigorously for the lord. Maybe they believed that only God could rescue them from the kind of marginalization they had faced under this regime.

Finally, she opted to allow the spirit to work after making some few promises to the residents.

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  1. Wow!am tremendously happy with Muthengi Ndagara!it's so amazing
    It's so painful to see people marginalised this much! More hasn't been said yet,

  2. Point noted.....2022 is near......kind ki note the spelling of CIAMPIU and not Ciambiu.


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