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Kangaroo courts hindering justice for defiled girls in Mumoni, paedophiles walk scot-free

Defilement cases are still on the rise in areas of Mumoni sub-county in Mwingi North constituency despite the efforts being put by the government to ensure that children are protected against paedophiles.

The laxity of police and the local administration to act against paedophiles especially after what is suspected to be bribery has also seen many criminals walk scot-free even after ruining the future of many girls.
 The most recent case is one of a fifteen-year-old class seven girl who was defiled by an adult man at Ngungani sub-location, in the Mumoni sub-county two weeks ago but the man was released from police custody a few days later without being arraigned in court to answer to the defilement charges.
The girl is said to have been left home attending to household chores by her guardian when a man who is well known to the girl appeared and grabbed her, defiled her, and tried to give the girl Sh. 200 to remain silent but the girl continued screaming until neighbors came to her rescue.


“He sat for almost five minutes without talking to me before coming to where I was washing my clothes from,” recalled the girl. She said he then offered her two hundred shillings and when she refused to take the cash, he raped her. “I tried to resist but he overpowered me and raped me!” she added with tears flowing from both her cheeks.

The man was later arrested and handed over to the police by the community. The man was taken into custody but later released without appearing in court even after a medical examination revealed that the girl had actually been defiled. 

A similar case had also happened in the Ngungani location where another class seven pupil was defiled by a bodaboda operator but he fled to an unknown location after committing the heinous offense. 

According to Mary Kavute Kilonzo who has been living with a defiled girl, a niece as her guardian says that she was attending to a family meeting in a nearby home when she was called, only to be informed that the class seven pupil had been defiled by a well-known man from the village. She rushed back home only to find the girl had been rescued by villagers and blood was oozing from her private parts.

“I found her crying and the man who had defiled her was there who admitted to have committed the offense,” recalled Kavute.

Kavute claimed that after the man was arrested, she was told that she would be called so that she may accompany her girl to court, but this is a second week since the incident but she is yet to receive the call. 

Pastor Peter Muthui, a local activist who had been called to the scene says that defilement cases have been on the rise in most parts of Mwingi North, and the failure of the local police to act swiftly has escalated the situation with many girls falling victim and criminals walking freely.

"We want to say that the police here and the local administration have been compromised, or else why would they allow such cases to escalate under their watch," said Pastor Muthui.

Muthui called upon the Independent Policing Authority (IPOA) to take stern action against the officers who have been condoning the crime against young girls.

Story By: Mwingi Times Reporter

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  1. Hon matiangi,all police officers should be transferred especially mumoni subcounty..


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