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Hustler’s day with Jalas, the laughter and the losses

A hard-hitting yet comical Jalang’o (Felix Odiwour) had an afternoon interview with Deputy President William Ruto Thursday.

 Jalang'o TV interview. Photo/COURTESY

Although he answered the questions asked, Deputy President Ruto managed to put up a brave and indefatigable pose despite a string of losses in Western and Eastern counties by-elections.

UDA enjoys a comfortable spot in Ruto’s mind and heart given it is the only party he hanged on throughout the interview saying it defeated ODM in Msambweni and made a show in Machakos Senatorial by-election.

The interview took place at the Hustlers Mansion and was full of PR. Jalang’o himself repeatedly sprayed his own hands and that of the DP “to fight Corona” yet the two sat close to each other which was less than two meters recommended by the World Health Organization to defeat the global pandemic.

Due to his intellectual acumen and composure, Ruto managed to deflect aggressive and probing questions directed at him. If he had anger tantrums, he would have lost it.

For instance, he was asked what went wrong in his relationship with President Kenyatta. The zoology Ph.D graduate from University of Nairobi said he respects the President and he does the work assigned to him and lets the Head of State assign other duties to other people since he is the boss.

Favourite song

Jalas, in his concluding remarks sought to know what the favourite song DP hums. He then said he has certainty that it cannot be a reggae beat. Ruto said he listens to Solomon Mkubwa, a gospel artist.

The Building Bridges Initiative is associated with reggae since Raila retorts that nobody can stop reggae in an allusion to the BBI process.

The Hustler seized the opportunity to tell over 15,000 viewers of Jalang’o TV on Facebook that the One Kenya Alliance is a village outfit. He said ANC, Wiper, Ford Kenya and Kanu cannot win elective seats outside where their leaders come from.

By the time the interview was ending, the channel had over 21,000 followers watching. It has been viewed by more than 253,000 followers on YouTube.

The only person DP never challenged to a duel in all the 48 minutes of interview was ODM leader Raila Odinga. He said that ODM is the only national party in Kenya and he is modeling his Hustler Movement to be a national outfit. That’s why they took part in Machakos by-election with Ngengele Muthama coming a distant second with 19,726 votes compared to Agnes Kavindu Muthama of Wiper who won with 104,352 votes.

The interview is a first in Kenyan media because it was done over the internet not inside a TV station with big cameras and ambience. It was done by a dozen journalists led by Jalang’o who Ruto termed as a media hustler.

Top brands advertised during the show giving Jalas extra revenue. The screen split and commercials were displayed. To which the Kenya’s second in command said that partnerships should be win-win not win-lose. He said that the Cerelac Coalition is a tribal outfit that believes that for them to win, he must lose.

To depict how his bench was hot, Ruto reacted to hard questions thus: naona umetumwa kweli lakini waambie wakulipe vizuri (I see you have been sent …but tell them to pay you well).

DP Ruto said he takes pride in mentoring young politicians such as Kimilili MP Didmas Baraza who had earlier announced that he will take a sabbatical leave from active national politics. The DP revealed that Baraza met him and he is still pressing on “despite the smoke and fire in the political kitchen”.



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