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Drama as NUU OCS terminates church service during sermon, orders everyone out in presence of Kitui senator

Kitui senator Enoch Wambua now wants NUU OCS out of Kitui, this is after the OCS invaded a church service at an African Inland Church at Kaii in Nuu Ward, Kitui with a battalion of police officers and ordered congregants out of church gathering when the sermon was still on. The incident comes just a day after the new Covid-19 containment measure issued by President Uhuru Kenya in an executive order.

The incident left Kitui senator Enoch Wambua who had graced the service awed and helpless as the congregants left the church halfway and all attempts to persuade the police boss to allow completion of the service were thwarted. 

The police OCS claimed that the congregants were more than expected in a service and ordered everyone out. The Nairobi area AIC Bishop Mr. Kimuyu was forced to cut short his summon and urged the congregants for the NUU DCC who had come for a service and fundraiser for construction of church offices to go home.

However later the fundraiser continued with only church elders receiving contributions from well-wisher who had come to assist the church.


However, Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua has castigated the incident, calling upon the police to use human ways of executing the directive by the president as they were enrolled in the service to serve Kenyans and not to torment them.

“Officers like the one we have just seen here should be allowed to continue in the police force. Police are enrolled to the service to aid citizens in maintenance of law and order and not to mistreat them. The police ought to be considerate in their operations,” said Mr. Wambua who had been angered by the unfortunate incident. 

Mr. Wambua said that as much as he lauds President Uhuru Kenyatta for issuing the directive which meant to secure the lives of Kenyans during this third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government should ensure that places of worship are respected and such officers who are executing the order in barbaric ways are contained. 

“The order by president Uhuru was that church ensure a third of its full capacity, here we had observed all that and gone to an extent of sitting in the open air while maintaining the one meter social distance. We never expected that such an unfortunate incident would occur,” complained the Kitui senator. 


Story By: Mwingi Times Reporter 

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