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Mwingi central police boss urges school heads to be more vigilant to curb destruction in schools


Following an escalating wave of school unrest that has affected Mwingi schools, with two dormitories set ablaze in St. Augustine Mwingi boys secondary school and Broadways secondary school, Mwingi central police boss Mr. Peter Mutuma is now urging school heads to be more vigilant and to move swift;y in resolving any matter of concern raised by students.


Several other schools in the Mwingi region have resorted to sending home their learners in fear of further destruction. schools like Bondoni secondary school and Migwani Boys secondary schools were sent home yesterday following unrest in the schools. 

"We have witnessed a wave of destruction in schools and we are taking all the necessary actions to address that. schools like Mwingi Boys', Bondoni and Broadway secondary schools have been affected with two dormitories set ablaze," narrated the police boss.

Addressing the matter, Mr. Mutuma said that 10 girls had been arrested in connection to a fire incident at Broadway Secondary schools, and soon they are likely to face charges in court if they are found liable.
"We managed to arrest 10 girls in connection to a fire incident at Broadway secondary school, and we shall arraign them in court to face charges if investigations reveal that they are culpable," added Mr. Mutuma.

The police boss cautioned Mwingi petrol station against selling their commodities to individuals in cans and to take details where necessary to enable tracing of those who might be selling the combustible substances to students.

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