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Tseikuru youths flouting Covid regulations arrested

 Five, Five, Monday January 4, 2021. These numbers will remain etched in the memories of Tseikuru youths who went to Nziitu without wearing face masks.

There was a police enforcement of Covid-19 regulations in Tseikuru town on Monday. Photo/FILE

5 Police officers dressed in civilians’ clothes rounded up at least 5 young men and drove them to Usueni market which neighbours Tana river.

On the material day, a scary sounding lady called Mwingi Times breaking news that her friend had been picked up by police wearing jackets in a sunny afternoon.

Hours later, one of the five boys arrested by police officers downplayed the arrest saying that no one should worry about anyone. And true to his word, they were released 60 minutes later.

All this time, they were interrogated and given a free ride to narrate to the “government” why they were flouting Mutahi Kagwe rules.


But the free things were quickly turned to a cash cow as the young men were forced to bribe the police various sums of money ranging from Sh200 to Sh1,000.

Asked how the officials were able to gauge the ability of civilians to afford buying their freedoms, one victim we will call Mutisya said that the police scanned them with curious eyes before demanding to be “paid”.

The Ministry of Health regulations of coronavirus recommends wananchi to wash their hands with soap and water regularly after visiting public places such as markets, places of worship and interacting with commuters in public service vehicles.

Our source told us that among the arrested residents, none of them was female. All were men aged below 30 years. The police were not wearing face masks correctly while enforcing the rules. They only sag the cover below their chins.

All the arrested residents were released that same day.

On reaching the outskirts of Tseikuru town, the police van slowed down to nab two more youths dropping to town minus face masks. Upon realizing the GK vehicle had blocked their path, they ran and police gave up the chase, returning to their vehicle where they rode 30km to reach Tharaka Nithi County border and return back, all this time, using taxpayers’ money to fuel the ride which they solicited for and obtained bribes.


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