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Kyuso-Tsk road construction

Mwingi North residents will cease experiencing road bumps and corrugations once the maintenance of road by Kenya Rural Roads Authority is completed.

 A Bodaboda rider passes past a KURA signpost at Makutano junction in Tseikuru, Mwingi North Sub County. Photo/MUSYOKA NGUI

A spot check by Mwingi Times showed that residents of the region take shorter time to arrive to their various destinations and the journey is safer.

Earlier, they had to put up with sandy and stony terrains which made their vehicles unable to manoeuvre the scorching sunny baked earth.

As a result, some said they suffered headaches and others were dizzied and vomited due to the torturous ride in bodabodas and PSV matatus.

The neighbouring villages of Tsiekuru town going to the Kalimbui side have gotten three new culverts that made their region easy to ride.

The repaired areas had gaping potholes which were unmarked, putting the lives of residents in danger.

Bodaboda riders still have to part with at least Sh100 to bribe Tseikuru police officers on Thursday which is a market day.

The road repair has been carried out from Kyuso to Tseikuru. This has earned the local labourers some wages.

The Kamuw'ongo -Tseikuru tarmac has not reached far to the north. Construction has been done at Gai and Kyuso. The rest is still undone or unfinished or both.



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