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Mwingi needy Woman who lives in a mudhouse with her 10 sick kids calls for help

Have you ever imagined how it feels being a widow at a young age and having to single-handedly bring up you children in a single mud-walled house? This is the fate of one Mary Kalimi, a widow from Mitamisyi area Ngomeni Location, Kyuso sub county in Kitui whom bad luck or is it a case of witchcraft which seems to have befallen her house? Nobody knows, but the truth is that she is in dire need of help.


Mary Kalimi Makanza was not normally married; she was married by another woman in a form of marriage known as “Kaweto” among the Kamba community, whereby a woman is married by another if the woman husband is unable to have children. Her woman husband Mutei Makanza passed on in the year 2000 and left her surviving alone in the semi-arid parts of Mwingi north.

You might have heard that there is poverty or being poor is living on less than a dollar a day, but once you get at the compound of Kalimi, you will shed tears because raw poverty will be glaring at you. A single mud-walled house with a single structure which you might call a bed. Her bed has no bedding, yet the family is composed of 10 members; her six children and three grandchildren. This might tempt you to wonder how they survive at night.


Getting food for the family is a huge challenge, as she is semi-illiterate without any job. She relies on manual jobs and begging from neighbors to feed her family.

Two of her children are suffering from immune deficiency, and one is physically challenged. Six children in the family are of school going age, they however can’t attend school due to their poor health coupled with malnutrition.


Her neighbors and well-wisher had gathered to see whether they can help construct her a new 2 roomed house, however the house has stalled midway due to lack of finances.

The family is now calling for well-wishers and Kitui leadership led by Kitui governor Charity Ngilu, area MP Paul Nzengu, area MCA or anyone might be touched by her plight to come to her rescue. 


The women however, has never owned a cellphone. To reach her, you may contact Mary Kamene her neighbor on: 0724006606

Story By: Boniface Mwaniki




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  1. Thanks for highlighting Mary's plight. This is a cause worthy of full support

  2. Thanks Bonnie
    The woman is my neighbor and the family needs special attention from people of goodwill.

  3. Let's contribute and assist our sister and children


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