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Young girls have been cautioned against engaging themselves with relationships with older men old enough to be their dads and grandfathers.

Kitonga's mum Mrs Musyoka (left) celebrates with guests during his homecoming party on Wednesday.

The men are derided as Sponsors. Speaking during his graduation reception at Ngalange home, Mr Kitonga Musyoka termed the situation as worrying.

“There are people called sponsors. Sponsors are my father’s age mates.

There was an incident in Moi University where a girl was sent cash by a Sponsor. The girl received the money and blocked the man everywhere. He was offended. He said “how can I spend all this money and someone starts acting this way?”

The girl travelled from Thika to Eldoret. She was traced. The boy bought and sharpened a machete that he used to hack the girl. She died. She was taking a degree in Medicine.” said the Kisii University Political Science and Public Administration graduate.

Musyoka told the listeners this story to warn them about the risk of dealing with Sponsors when in school.

Speaker after speaker congratulated the young man who was seen as a beacon in his family as his was the first degree in the family of 11.

 The party ended with cake cutting by Kitonga and family, friends which went late into the night.

Apart from school fees that take a toll on parent’s income, students need upkeep finances to cushion their stay in college.


Other challenges cited during the interactive session were negative peer pressure and drug abuse. Young people were beseeched to keep in mind where they come from even as they go to far flung areas looking for education and job opportunities. It is not good to be lost in the crowd, they said.

James Syengo, a retired official with Kenya Railways Company advised Musyoka with rare nuggets of wisdom. He spoke on behalf of his dad who was around but was not feeling well.

Below is Syengo’s quotes:

We advised Kitonga and he never bit our fingers. Doing well requires sacrifice, it is not easy but has to be done.

Useo ndwisaa kwana. (You can never have enough of good things)

Mundu akwenda undu ndemawa. (When a person is determined to make it, he will try and finally succeed)

Useo umanzawa na ungi. (Success begets success)

Mr Syengo averred that college time is the most challenging and declared that Kitonga will never face harder exams in life that what he has emerged victorious.

Mrs Musyoka, Kitonga’s mother thanked him for following her advice when he was growing up. He urged him to remain with God. “When my son called during his years in Kisii University, I would take him to the Bible then tell him how we will solve the problems at hand i.e to persevere and wait for us to look for money”.

“Ndikwenda uvoo wa ethiwa ndwina mbesa utinde ukuthinasya ngoo yaku” (I don’t want you to torture your heart just because you do not have money), the mother told her son.

Mwingi Times congratulates Mr Musyoka and wishes him success in his future endeavours.

Earlier when called to make a speech on behalf of Tseikuru Comrades, this writer advised Kitonga to be aggressive in pursuing his dreams and seize opportunities that come his way.

Mr Afred Mutua echoed these sentiments saying that there are many comrades who join campus but few graduate.  Other Tseikuru Comrades who attended the homecoming ceremony were proud to be associated with Kitonga who is one of their own.

Mr Munyoki Ukulo advised Kitonga to network with experienced professionals in order to unlock doors of career progress.



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  1. Thanks and good advice to our youth for them to become responsible citizens.


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