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Reproduce more children for better chances of benefiting from BBI, Mwingi MP

By Our Mwingi Correspondent


Mwingi central MP Dr. Gideon Mulyungi has urged the electorate in his constituency and Kitui county as a whole to get back into their beds and make more children as a measure of ensuring that they stand a chance to reap big once the BBI initiative is concluded.

Speaking during thanksgiving mass of new Kitui Diocese Bishop Joseph Mwongela at Mwingi Junior seminary, Mr. Mulyungi lamented that the BBI report relying on a scientific formula taking population at the center the stage when allocating the proposed 70 news constituencies, and that how Kitui county failed to get any constituency, despite Machakos and Makueni counties getting 3 and 1 constituencies respectively.

“The BBI team of experts relied heavily on a population-based formula to allocate the new proposed 70 constituencies, hence what I can urge my people is to get back to their beds and produce more babies in order for Kitui to stand a better chance of benefitting from national resources in the future,” said Dr. Mulyungi.  

However, the legislator urged residents of his constituency to sign the BBI signature collection forms and to support the initiative as it brings along other great benefits like the increase of the county revenue allocation from 15-35%.

“Despite having not got either Mwingi county or any new constituency from the 70, I urge my people to sign the BBI signature and support the initiative as it has other universal benefits and Kitui can’t afford being left out,” added the legislator.

The MP said that there was no way he could go against his party leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka who was strongly in support of the president Uhuru’s development agenda and the BBI initiative, hence he would support BBI to the latter.

However, his counterpart Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna holds the opinion that Kitui county was disadvantaged in the allocation of new constituencies and said that there was still time for further negotiations to secure at least one additional constituency for the county.

“We would continue negotiating to see if we can get at least an extra constituency, even if we don’t get the Mwingi county as we had suggested to the BBI taskforce,” said Mr. Nguna.

Mr. Nguna said that the formula used to allocate the constituencies were unfair since it relied on the latest census, whereby most residents of Kitui county were enumerated as residents of other counties like Nairobi and gave Nairobi an added advantage against their home county.

“Next time people should be told to go and be counted from home during the census, most of our people including me were enumerated in Nairobi county, hence giving the county an added advantage of getting the highest chunk of the 70 new proposed constituencies,” he added.

He also pointed out that he has already finished the signature collection at his constituency, arguing the residents to support the initiative as further negotiations are made to ensure Kitui county benefits fully.  



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