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Gospel music refreshes my soul, brings fulfilment


GLADYS MAWIA is an upcoming Gospel Singer from Mwingi, Kitui County. She is also a student at the University of Nairobi taking Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature, Language and Communication.

Zaidi worship song singer Gladys Mawia on the cover of her YouTube channel. Photo/COURTESY

When Mwingi Times secured an appointment for a virtual sit-down with the songbird, she did not disappoint.

Gladys says she has always wanted to venture into Gospel music industry and is glad that finally, she has succeeded in her debut.

Though still starting, she exudes confidence that there’s more to come.

When MT visited her YouTube channel, we listened and watched Zaidi, Mawia’s new worship song which praises God as All-Powerful and His ability to exceed human expectations.

Mawia says “I officially began writing music mid this year and recorded my first song early September, which I released on YouTube on November 5, 2020.

Gospel Music is the kind that refreshes the soul and brings fulfilment once you realize it is not about you or unto you but to God.” she says.

God’s Grace

She says that her friends, colleagues and people she has never met have been supportive to her music.  For this, she thanks God.

Gladys’ music is available on YouTube from her channel called GLADYS MAWIA MUSIC. She is currently not selling the music but wants her fans to be blessed and sensitized on worshipping God by just watching the Zaidi song on YouTube.

Asked about the challenges she has surmounted in her Gospel music journey thus far, Gladys says she has not faced any yet. “I am just starting out in the industry and I hope there will not be any (challenges). I trust God’s grace will be sufficient.

She is working on shooting her official video for her first song called Zaidi. Gladys also plans to get it into streaming apps such as Mdundo and Boomplay soon.

When Mwingi Times asked Ms Mawia what drove her to compose Zaidi, she said that is because of her reverence for God.  “His nature is just unfathomable and even with everything or anybody I know or don’t know yet, He will always be greater and good than them all”, she says.

Below are Mawia’s social media pages. You don’t want to miss out the inspirational hits and blessing vocals from this talented singer.


Facebook: GladysMawiamusic




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