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Unattended power cables in Tseikuru as outage bites


Tseikuru Town has been experiencing electricity outage for days. No explanation has been given by Kenya Power and Lighting Company.


A resident rides to Tseikuru Market past faulty power cable. Photo/MUSYOKA NGUI

Usually, the power generator gives a notice of planned outages that is published on its website.  But it doesn’t bother to inform residents of Mwingi when the power cuts will be done and how long that will last.

When Mwingi Times visited the town on Friday morning, a faulty electricity post was spotted a few meters from the airstrip along Tseikuru-Meru road.

Another hanging post was seen at Ngalange market.

Still, the power generator recently connected a household near Ilioni primary school but the electricity posts cross the road at a very low height and can easily prick travellers who travel in tall vehicles such as a lorries and buses.

When electricity interruption sets in, life dies in many shops which residents use to generate income. They include barbers, salons, welding juakalis and hotels.

Recently, Mwingi Times overheard a conversation among residents who claimed that the power outage many have been as a result of illegal connections. This claim has not been verified by a qualified authority.

Elsewhere, Tseikuru residents have been busy planting food and cash crops for the October-November-December (OND) rains. The rains started on October 26.

The region produces high quality green grams, cowpeas and maize when rains are sufficient. The rain is a reprieve for herders whose livestock was emaciated due to lack of grass and pods.

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