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The biggest tree is the one which is perched on- Dr Wathe


In a swift rejoinder, Kitui deputy governor Dr Wathe Nzau has denied accusations levelled against him by his two step-mothers and a brother.

Kitui deputy governor Dr Wathe Nzau. Photo/COURTESY

The veterinary doctor downplayed what happened saying that it was a family meeting where one of his brothers assaulted another, leading to police officers swinging into action. “One of my brothers assaulted the other”, confirmed the deputy county boss before further revealing that the culprit was made to record a statement with police and will report back today to Mathuki police station.

Dr Nzau while appearing to show the gravity of the rift, said that the issue that caused differences among them has not been solved. “Ona issue ti yakwa, issue ii ukwaasya ee.. nukwona muti ula munene niw’o utulawa” (The issue is not about me. You see, the biggest tree is the one which birds perch on).

His brother, Kitui Nzau, had accused him of using his power to have them arrested and thrown into Mathuki police cells. He called upon the government to intervene on the matter.

However, Dr Wathe was optimistic that they will resolve the matter amicably as a family.

Earlier today, Mwingi Times carried an exclusive that revealed simmering conflict the Nzaus are embroiled in.

Ms Muthini Nzau, Wathe’s step-mum, said she had endured a lot of anguish in the hands of her son over family property. “I was brought here by my son who is the deputy governor.  I am in the cell. When I asked for property, the son brought war and conflict to us”, said Muthini.


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