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Mwingi West MP comes to the rescue of teenage Girls, as 80% are said to engage in sex

 By Boniface Kanyali

Six months since school-going children were sent home following the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic in the country, it has been quite hectic for parents,  working around the clock to ensure the safety of their children at home.


However, thousands of young girls are said to have been impregnated or introduced to early sex, either through defilement by their relatives or willingly engaging in sex with reasons which have remained a a mystery to many.

In Kitui, over a thousand girls are said to have been impregnated during the corona pandemic. Parents have been largely blamed for not exercising full control of their children.

To curb teenage pregnancies and juvenile delinquency among young girls, a humanitarian organization in Mwingi west in collaboration with the area MP Charles Nguna has started an outreach program targeting all girls between the age of 13 years and above, offering them counseling services on how to survive in society without being lured into premature sexual relationships. The teenage girls are being issued with sanitary pads, bathing shops and pants, so as to help them survive during this period they are at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking during sensitization meeting with teenage girls at Kiomo Secondary school in Mwingi west constituency, in Kitui county, Esther Muli who is the CEO of Persis Arm of Compassion, a humanitarian organization dealing with the welfare of young girls, many girls have opened up about the things which are leading them to early sex and counseling services are being offered accordingly.


“Many girls have opened up to us about the reasons as to why they are engaging in sex and some have sited issue like; poverty and lack of basic things like food soap and even sanitary pads, as the key things leading them into teenage pregnancy,” said Madam Muli.

Madam Muli, however, points out that parents have a key role in ensuring that their teenagers remain busy either in studies or in doing household chores. This would ensure that they don’t remain idle for long and get excess time to engage in uncouth relationships which may ruin their future.

“I urge parents to keep their children busy to be more vigilant in ever knowing the whereabouts of their children during this period when they are at home,” she added.

She also revealed shocking details that after assessment, about 80% of girls between age 13-18 in Mwingi are already engaging in active sexual behaviors and more counseling ought to offer to them before the the situation goes out of hand.

“Details in our possess indicate that more than 80% of teenage girls between the age of 13-18 in Mwingi west are engaging in sex, hence the need to rescue them early enough,” added the CEO of the humanitarian organization.

Regina Schola is a form three student at Kiomo secondary school, according to her such counseling services like being offered in Mwingi west is very instrumental to young girls, as things have been very tough for them during the period they have been at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Such kind of counselling services are very helpful to us. We have been issued with essential things for teenage girls like sanitary towels and pants,” said the form three student.

Schola is urging young girls to desist from engaging in early sex and instead focus on education, for a better future.

Angela Katee another girl and a form four student at Itoloni girls’ secondary school who attended the event said that many girls especially those who have been impregnated are struggling with stigma as everyone seems to sideline them.

“Many young girls in our area have been impregnated and stigmatized a lot over the same. All I can tell young girls is to first focus on their studies before even thinking of getting into relationships,” said Angela.

Katee is urging the national government to reopen schools as soon as possible so as to prevent more girls from ruining their future while at home. 

Lillian Mwinzi who had represented the area MP in the event said that the initiative to reach out to girls was reached after the area MP Charles Nguna was concerned that many girls risked dropping out of school due to early pregnancies.

“Our MP decided to start this initiative through the Charles Nguna Foundation, upon realizing that many girls risked not going back to school once they are reopened due to teenage pregnancies. So far we have reached more than 4600 teenage girls and the feedback we are getting is promising,” She said.

Madam Mwinzi said that more than 4600 girls have so far been reached and the feedback was good as the reported cases of pregnancies among teens are dropping drastically.

According to Kiomo Location area Chief Benedetta Ngei, 5 minors from her area had been reported to have been impregnated during this period they have been at home and thanked the area MP for coming up with the initiative to save more girls in the constituency.

“So far, I have got reports of about five girls who have been impregnated in my location. Let me thank the area MP for coming up with this initiative,” said the area chief.

Madam Ngei urged parents to remain vigilant and ensure that their teenage children are busy and that their interaction with adults is minimized by keeping them ever busy in studies and household chores.

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