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Mwingi residents furious over persistent power outages


Continuous power outage at Tseikuru town in Mwingi North Sub County has led to losses of revenue to businesses which rely on the electricity to run their shops.

Kenya Power lorries at Kakongo Market, Mwingi Central on October 9 where they left without repairing a faulty power supply making residents live in the dark. Photo/MWINGI TIMES

At times, a week may pass without Kenya Power doing anything to rectify the problem.

Even worse inconvenienced are students who can’t study at night since they are forced to endure days of dark nights yet they are expected by the same government to study and sit for exams by end of this term.

Customers complain that it is during the seasons of power blackouts that electricity bills exponentially increase yet they never utilised the electricity charged.

The supply of electricity has been missing in Tseikuru town since October 10.


Perhaps to underscore the hopelessness customers have with the electricity company, Mwingi Times posted on Twitter the growing dissatisfaction with the inconveniences.  

Kenya Power lorries leave Kakongo Market, Mwingi Central  without reconnecting electricity to residents. The hanging live wires endanger the lives of residents and their properties should they come into contact with the high voltage wires. Photo/MWINGI TIMES

A netizen calling himself Dogokio (@Buginian) asked sarcastically: Huko ni Kenya?

The monopoly delayed in restoring power fault in Kakongo village in Mwingi Central despite a resident reporting to them and was given reference number: 5917398.

“I am very disappointed with you. More than five days since I reported a power fault at Kakongo village in Mwingi Central…you have failed to address the matter”, Benedict Mutuku tweeted to @KenyaPower_Care.

To underscore the arrogance Kenya Power customer care agents show wananchi, when Mr Mutuku asked what the problem was, he was told “enda kwa mganga”.

An electricity pole fell off at Kakongo Market in Kiomo Division of Mwingi West Sub County. Residents reported the matter to Kenya Power on Twitter via a video on two weeks ago.

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