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A family feud is simmering in Miambani village, Mwingi East Sub County pitting Kitui deputy governor Dr Wathe Nzau against three others over inheritance that was left behind by the family patriarch Mr Joseph Nzau Mulunga.

Grace Muthini Nzau (right) and Sofia Mwathi Nzau (left) in Mathuki Police Station where they spent the night in custody. They are step-mothers of Kitui deputy governor Dr Wathe Nzau who they accuse of denying them property that their husband left behind. Photo/MWINGI TIMES

The trio who include two wives of Nzau and a son have appealed to the government to intervene since "they have underwent untold anguish".

Speaking exclusively to Mwingi Times, Ms Muthini Nzau, a step-mother to Kitui deputy governor revealed she had endured a lot of suffering in the hands of her son. “I was brought here by my son who is the deputy governor.  I am in the cell. When I asked for property, the son brought war and conflict to us”, said Muthini.

Kitui, Dr Nzau’s brother echoed the sentiments of his mother saying they were picked up by Mathuki police officers and were detained at Mathuki Police Station.

“We slept in cell today after we were arrested due to deputy governor.  We are asking for intervention from the government.

A confidential source told this publication that Dr Nzau withheld Sh80, 000 from his family that is linked to their late father’s property.

Dr Nzau’s mother has since passed on too. Joseph Nzau Mulunga, the father to Kitui deputy governor married three wives.

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