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Three people killed in a road accident at Mwingi

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Three people died on the spot and several others are recuperating at various hospitals in Mwingi town, following a tragic road accident involving four vehicles at Mutyangombe area, along the Mwingi-Garissa highway.


Those killed were boarding a Nisan Matatu which was heading from Mwingi town to sides of Mui. 

The accident occurred when the Nissan matatu was diverting from the highway to enter a feeder road. It was knocked from behind by a Lory and overturned severally. 

Another Lory also crashed on one side of the road, as it tried to avoid the accident. 

The Lory which had knocked the Nisan Matatu also lost control and rammed on a stationery Lory which was loaded with water tanks and was parked on the right side of the road.
According to Mwingi Police Base commandant Ezron Ouma who spoke at the scene of the accident, three people succumbed to injuries on the spot while unidentified number of patients who sustained injuries were rushed to Mwingi Level hospital.

The base commandant warned drivers against over speeding especially in identified black spot areas, so as to avoid accidents. 

Bodies of the dead have been removed to Mwingi Level IV hospital mortuary, while, all the vehicles have been towed to Mwingi police station pending further investigations.

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  1. Let those who left us rest in peace,,,, ,I do also wish the injured a quick recovery,, ,,


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