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Not yet Uhuru for Kitui youth leader as court slams him with a bond of 100K for abusing Kalonzo

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Kitui Youth Movement de facto leader Moses Munyalo alia 'Munaa' and a renown Kitui goon has found himself held in a tight corner after he was sued by Wiper Party leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka for using abusive language against him.


The youth leader who was today arraigned at Kitui law courts and later slammed with a bond of sh. 100,000 has been a key supporter of governor Ngilu. 

After he was released from the law court's cells, a group of youths were in the waiting bay, ready to welcome back their mafia.

After he was released from Kitui Courts, the unchained leader urged  Wiper party leadership to desist from frustrating development efforts of governor Ngilu and ensure that his MCAs work together with Ngilu’s government to better Kitui county.

"Kila siku tunasikia mambo ya impeachment, badala ya maendeleo. Tungependa viongozi wetu wafanye kazi pamoja. Hata Ngilu aambiwe kwamba hatutaki vita. Tungependa viongozi wote wafanye kazi pamoja ili tuboreshe Kitui yetu," the youth leader was heard saying.

Mose who looked strained but not completely fatigued said that no amount of intimidation would force Kitui youths to relent their support for governor Ngilu’s leadership.

"Hakuna mtu yeyote atakayetutisha tuache kumshabikia gavana Ngilu. Hata tukiuliza ni lazima tutetee utawala wetu ili tupate maendeleo. Kitui ni yetu na hatuendi mahali popote," added Munaa.

According to Munyalo, the attempt to impeach governor Ngilu by Wiper MCAs was a clear evidence of how determined the wiper party was in ensuring that the governor doesn’t deliver to her promises to Kitui residents.

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