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Ngilu under fire over stalled dispensary


·         Residents of Kathanze village in Nuu ward have suffered for 3 years due to stalled construction of a dispensary by Kitui County Government

·         The residents have to walk for 20 kilometres to access healthcare services in Nuu town. The distance doesn’t favour pregnant mothers who say they are forced to deliver on the way and others fall sick due to absence of healthcare services

·         Kunzu Mutemi, a guard manning Kathanze Dispensary told Mwingi Times that cement was spoilt since it was left exposed and rain water fell on the construction materials making it unsuitable for use

It has been three years of waiting for the completion of Kathanze Dispensary that has never been realised. Hundreds of residents demonstrated to protest against the white elephant that has become of the health centre.

Syombua Mutwii and other protesters outside Kathanze Dispensary which stalled in 2017. Photo/COURTESY

At the project site, Mwingi Times noted that bags of cement purchased with taxpayer’s money have been spoilt because the contractor never bothered to store them properly. They were rained on, making them solidify like a rock.

Ms Syombua Mutwii, a resident has beseeched Kitui Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu to intervene and help the residents who trek for 20 kilometres to access healthcare services at Nuu town, the nearest centre.

“We women have a lot of problems. When one is pregnant, she has to walk 20 kilometres to Nuu town to give birth. She may even deliver on the way. Others die when giving birth because we don’t have adequate healthcare here”, says Ms Mutwii.

The residents revealed that they talked to their MCA Alex Musili alias Kawaya who promised to do a follow up. They rely on Bodabodas which take advantage of them by charging at least Sh500 for transport one way.

Help women

Katumi Mwinzi echoes Ms Syombua’s pleas to Govenror Ngilu to help women who have suffered the most due to the stalled Kathanze Dispensary that gobbled up taxpayer’s money and nothing came out of it except frustrations and wastage.

Pastor Julius Kavuku, a preacher, says that there were rumours that the contractor reported that the project was completed.

However, he curses whoever may have pocketed taxpayer’s money thus: If there is anyone who may have pocketed the money meant for this project, may God deal with him from Heaven.

When Sharp Tip News, a local media house contacted Health Chief Officer for Kitui County Dr Richard Muthoka, he never responded to their calls or SMS.


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