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Things get messy for Kitui popular CECM over unprocedural sand harvesting at Kiromboko


Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna has slammed Kitui county government over what he termed as spearheading illegal sand harvesting at Kiromboko area where desilting of the Kiambeere dam was taking place, before it was banned by the county government following an act by the county assembly.
Mr. Nguna castigated the acting CECM for Environment Koki Musau for unprocedural  re-opening sand harvesting in the area without first seeking approval from the community and without undertaking environmental impact assessment.
In a meeting held yesterday between the Mwingi west legislator and sand stakeholders in Mwingi including the area MCAs, it was resolved that sand harvesting at Kiromboko be halted for a while until all laid down procedures are followed.
“I have met all sand harvesting stakeholders from my areas, and we have unanimously resolved that all sand harvesting activities at Kiromboko be stopped until all laid down procedures a followed to the latter,” said the agitated member of parliament.
According to the MP, sand desilting of Kiambeere dam should not be done at the expense of the residents, hence the county government must ensure that residents benefit fully from the activity.
“We can’t allow sand harvesting at Kiromboko, unless; environmental impact assessment is done unless we see feeder roads done, and the community benefit maximally, unlike now when only a few cartels are enjoying the benefits of sand harvesting,” pointed out Mr. Nguna.
So far, Mr. Nguna said that many roads in the area have been rendered impassable and the county government must ensure that they are repaired before resuming sand harvesting in the area.
“One of the county government road which I had done with my own money is currently impassable, but the CECM is saying nothing about repairing it” lamented the legislator.
However, the CECM in question Mr. Koki Musau refuted the claims by the MP, saying that a CBO had been established to represent the the community in sand harvesting and that loaders were taking home more than sh. 3,000 a day from the sand harvested.
“There is a CBO in place and the loaders are taking home some of more than sh. 3,000 a day from the sand harvesting exercise,” said Kwenzekwenze.
The CECM, however, didn’t explain other non-financial benefits that are going to the community, owing to the fact that sh. 3000 is too little for the populous Kiomo-Kyethani ward.

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