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Mwingi residents decry rising insecurity as nightguard is killed

Residents of Mwingi town in Kitui county are living in fear following increased cases of insecurity within the town, which saw a nightguard hacked to death with a panga yesterday.

Early Monday morning, a 65-year-old watchman succumbed to injuries at Mwingi Level IV Hospital, after three armed robbers with pangas hacked him on the head.
Confirming the incident Mwingi central sub-county police commander Peter Mutuma, said the incidence happened on Monday morning at an MPESA shop in Mwingi town at around 4:30 AM.
“They attacked the watchman who was guarding the town then tried breaking into the shop but the watchmen around raised alarm and the three gangs took to their heels. We are still on their case and once arrested they will be taken to court,” said Mutuma.
Mutuma said the man succumbed to injuries while receiving treatment at Mwingi level 4 hospital.
He also stated that his office has intensified patrols and is ready to work with members of the public through community policing in order to put to an end the rising cases of insecurity.
“I urge members of the public to offer information to police officers in order to combat insecurity in the town,” he said.
However, members of the public with Mwingi felt that their security is at risk stating that almost every night, there is a case of robbery and since the curfew was put into place many shops have been broken into.
Mwendwa Mbevo, son to the deceased nightguard who was killed on Monday said that the police are very committed to ensuring residents have gone to their houses by 9PM, after which robbery cases or even vulnerable persons being killed.
Mwendwa said his father was a night guard at a Mpesa shop, before he was brutally killed by the gang on Monday morning.
“I do not understand what is meant by there is no insecurity, as long as my father was killed by a gang of robbers, then Mwingi is insecure,” he said.
Anton Musyoka, a businessman who owns a shop opposite the shop where the watchman had been killed said his electronics shop was broken into two weeks ago and some of his stock was also stolen.
“We do not who is next to be stolen or worse still, be killed by these gang of armed robbers who have taken to ensure there is no peace in Mwingi town,” said Anton.
Mutemi Mutunga, a businessman said Mwingi police seem keen on ensuring residents put on masks, obey curfew directives, but once they retire to their houses, thieves take charge.
“When police find one outside past curfew hours, they are beaten up but when we go home, we find our shops were broken into or our fathers murdered,” Mutemi cried out.
Isaac Kisika, another resident urged the government to be more vigilant on patrols as the thieves break into shops at around 2 AM.
Kisika, who is a former officer said he encountered the thieves few days ago who were armed with pangas, machetes, arrows, and bows but he luckily managed to escape.
“I was lucky to escape from the gang of six armed robbers and I urge the police to do more patrols as many shops in Mwingi town have been broken into and many people left injured by the robbers and others dead,” he said.

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