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Mwingi Journalists Celebrate extension of lockdown, as MCK Donates foodstuffs to them


Kitui county journalists who are based in arid region Mwingi are happy even after the president extended the restrictions aimed at combating the Covid-19 pandemic for a further 30 days, this is after the Media Council of Kenyan (MCK) through one of their officers visited them with the donation of protective gear and foodstuffs to help them cope with life during this period of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Journalists attached to various media houses couldn’t hide their joy, as unlike other officers from other essential service providers, too little has been put in place by the government to aid the media and specifically, media correspondents to boost their resilience during the current pandemic and improve their delivery.
 The journalists lauded the MCK for their great gesture and for remembering them at their time of need.
“We never thought that anyone could remember us during these difficult moments. We are really grateful for what you have done and may God bless MCK. We really suffer in our line of duty and nobody comes to our rescue,” a journalist from one of vernacular media stations in Kitui was heard saying.
Leo Mutisya, the officer who had been sent by the MCK to deliver the goodies said that his main mission in Mwingi was to assess how media practitioners are coping up with the Covid-19 pandemic.
“I was sent here today by the Media Council of Kenya to assess the way journalists in this region are coping up with life during the current pandemic, because we are aware some really suffer in the line of their duty and no one comes to their aid,” stated Mr. Mutisya.
Mr. Mutisya said that unlike other professions, journalists lack a standardized remuneration and mostly what they earn is majorly determined by their output.
“A journalist is the only practitioner whose remuneration has never been standardized, hence the need for MCK to chip in and assist the media fraternity, especially correspondents whose salary majorly depend on their contribution to the media houses in terms of stories” added the MCK official.
He said that just like other essential service providers, the media also needed to be counted when offering aid to the front liners in  the war against Covid-19.

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