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How money is buying ‘love’

By Musyoka Ngui

Ken Wa Maria’s new song Kelitu Ka Corona (Corona Girl) is a damning indictment to the
commercialization of romance and lack of it in today’s world steeped in antics passing for gender equality and victim mentality.

As fate would have it, the song is produced during Coronavirus pandemic and lacks performance of the lead artist and Yatta Orchestra band. Only pictures are inserted into the video produced.

However, the song seeks to redefine manhood in another way. Although it challenges the space of men in this time of being challenged by feminists, no doubt that a man who cannot provide for his family is frowned upon and consequently loses respect among his peers and his woman.
But when the lady in man’s life manipulates her availability to him on the basis of availability of money, then that is abhorrable.

That brings me to another analogy which says that mapenzi ya siku hizi ni kama pay tv, usipolipia hakuna channels. Romance is not what it was in yesteryears. Men had so much to prove to qualify to win a girl’s heart but these days all that has been commodified and commercialized and the size of the wallet determines the clearance.

Ken’s song has won applause because it speaks to men who have been exploited and have lost it. Some have resorted to binge drinking and others have gone ahead and do other things they would not do with their right senses.

Standing up to bullies requires guts and personification of not letting an abuse go unchallenged. While everything has had its progress halted by Coronavirus pandemic, some people have taken advantage of it and fleeced others in the name of love.

There is a line in this song I find misplaced and it was allowed to pass due to the poetic license that artists enjoy. They can do things that ‘mere mortals’ like us won’t do without being frowned upon.

It is the allusion that Wa Maria says that tanaa jamaa na ingi ningwasya tanaa (Philippians 4:4) May you always be joyful in your union with the Lord. I say it again: rejoice! -Good News Bible. It is quite out of place given this is secular not gospel.

But still in terms of production, I find his work too low quality vis-a-vis his imposing profile. Young
artists like Maima produce 1080P and 4K videos but Ken Wa Maria is stuck to grainy and low-resolution videos.

This time he has only done a 480P. That is so mediocre and must be called out by any professional worth his name in this field.

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