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One dead in a night road accident involving Kitui county vehicle

One dead in a night road accident involving Kitui county vehicle

August 15, 2019

A Kitui county government ambulance rammed into this motorbike at Maiyuni area killing one person.

One person has succumbed to injuries after he was rushed to Mwingi Level IV hospital following a grisly road accident along Mwingi- Garissa road which occurred yesterday night.
The fatal accident, according to the police occurred at Maiyuni shopping centre and involved a Kitui county government vehicle and a motorbike.
Mwingi Central Police boss Nicholas Mutua confirming the tragedy said the Toyota Land Cruiser ambulance from Mwingi Level IV hospital rammed into a motorbike from behind.
Mutua said the accident occurred on Wednesday evening at around 7pm after the driver of the ambulance failed to maintain a safe distance hence banging into the moving bike.
“ The ambulance was coming from from Kithyoko direction heading to Mwingi town and upon reaching at the location of the accident he failed to drive at a safe distance and as a result he rammed into the rear of motorcycle which was ahead of him and moving in the same direction,” Mutua said in a statement.  
The rider of the motor cycle was carrying one pillion passenger aged 19 years old. Both men sustained injuries but the pillion passenger died due to serious injuries and the impact of the accident.
 His body has been transferred to Mwingi public hospital morgue while the motor vehicles are detained at Mwingi police station awaiting inspection.  

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