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GONE ROGUE? Questions as video of Pastor Ng’ang’a ‘mistreating’ worshiper goes viral


Neno Evangelism preacher Pastor Ng'ang'a

The controversial tele-evangelist James Maina Ng’ang’a is in the limelight for the wrong reasons yet again!
The Neno Evangelism church leader is on the spot after a three- minute video clip emerging in the social media showing him ‘mocking’ and ‘humiliating’ a middle-aged woman. The undated video which has so far gone viral is showing the preacher asking the lady aged 48 years why she had attended a church service donning a pair of rubber shoes.

The pastor calls the worshipper at the altar and demands for an explanation as to why she is in the kind of shoes. The woman is seen telling the tele-evangeslist that she wore the shoes since it was drizzling as she was coming to church. She is also asked to explain why she was carrying a leso in her carrier her woven shopping bag!

Pastor Ng’ang’a does not stop there as he goes ahead and asks the seemingly terrified woman if she was the one who bought the clothes she was putting on and if her hair was real or it was a wig! Before the clip ends the cleric dismisses the church member as confused owing to her age.

The preacher is not new to controversy.  He was early this year charged in court for allegedly threatening to kill a media personality over a story that the journalist had aired. In April, he was also arrested for allegedly defrauding a businessman of Ksh3.6million.

The preacher is also remembered for unleashing insults to his bishops for attacking his wife and all for wrong reasons humiliating his “flock”. He also declared himself the ‘commander of Neno’ who deserves respect.


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