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Muslim leaders in Mwingi have called for unity and peace in the country especially during the ongoing period of heightening political contest of who will replace President Uhuru Kenyatta after he retires from office come 2022.

The leaders also have urged fellow muslims to head to the directives of the leaders, this is after some section Muslims celebrated Eid Ur Fitr yesterday, contrary to the directive by the chief Kadhi to mark the day today.

Speaking at Mwingi Town after visiting several families to celebrate Eid Ur Fitr together, the secretary to the Mwingi Musjid Nurr Mosque Sheik Abdallah Ng’ong’a said that it was good for Muslims to speak in one voice and to always listen to what their leaders and the chief Kadhi says concerning the special days in the Muslim calendar.

“The holly Quran tells us to always respect our leaders. This is what all must do when our chief Kadhi gives us an advice as to when to celebrate our festivities. Speaking in one voice is always good for the Muslim community,” said Sheik Ng’ong’a.

Mr. Ng’ong’a also urged the Muslim community to continue with acts of charity even after end of Ramadan so that God’s grace may be upon them.

“I urge my fellow Muslims not to stop their good acts of charity but to continue sharing with the poor, even after we mark the end of Ramadan,” said the Mwingi sheik.

Khalid Bin Sunkari, a Mwingi Muslim leader also called upon Mwingi residents and Kenyans in general to co-exist in peace in order in order to enable the country develop, especially when the country goes through heightened political periods as it has been previously experienced.

“Let’s all learn to co-exist with one another, even at period of high political temperature which most of the times have undermined peace and development of our country,” urged Bin Sunkari.
Bin Sunkari also urged all Muslims to unite and speak in one voice so as to promote their ideologies.

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