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Police officers from Masinga Sub County in Machakos County are hunting for two suspects; a man and his brother who allegedly chopped off his

wife's ears following some family wrangles.

The husband assisted by his brother attacked the wife armed with a sharp knives and had both her ears chopped off on Tuesday night at around 11:00PM, before she was rescued by her neighbors who had heard her screaming and calling for help. However, before the neighbors could arrive, the two had already escaped and have been in the hiding since then.

According to Mary Muthiani (40 years old), her husband Manzi Nzwili and his brother Muthami nzwili were determined to kill her after she revealed that her husband and his brother had colluded to steal eleven goats from the neighborhood.

“My husband became hostile after I warned her against condoning theft behavior of his brother, that when he called his brother and the two beat me up and chopped off my ears,” narrated Mary.
The woman was treated at Kithyoko health center and was allowed to go home.

However, Mary who is a mother of five says that her life is still in danger as her husband and his brother who is an ex-convict had threatened to kill her and only God saved her on that fateful night when both her hears were mutilated.

“I’m living in a lot of fear as my husband and his brother had sworn to kill me If I dare reveal that his brother stole the eleven goats from the neighborhood. My children are also in fear for they saw what had transpired that night,” added the woman.

Eleven goats which had gone missing were recovered yesterday in Damsite village (Kaonyweni) in Miangeni Sub location at Kithyoko in Masinga Sub County, Machakos county.

According to the village elder Peter Musembi, they heard distress calls from the woman’s home and responded immediately, only to find the woman bleeding profusely with her both ears badly mutilated.

“We heard a female voice screaming and calling for help. We gathered several neighbors and rushed to the home where we found the woman on the ground bleeding heavily, but we didn’t find her husband so we decided to rush her to hospital for first aid,” said the Village elder.

Musembi said that the husband was nowhere to be found and the only option was to rush the woman to hospital immediately for first aid and treatment.

His Damsite counterpart Kioko Kalungo said that eleven goats from the area had gone missing and they were recovered on Wednesday after the woman who had been injured revealed to them that her brother in-law had been involved in the theft.

“The eleven goats from our area have since been recovered, but the two men who are the key suspects in the crime are still missing,” said Mr Kalungo.

Police have pitched camp in the area to the two assailants in connection to the assault and theft of the eleven goats.

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