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More than 20 people have been hospitalized at Mwingi level IV Hopsital suffering various injuries, following a grisly accident involving a bus plying the Nairobi-Mandera route.

The accident happened this morning at Kanginga, just a kilometre from Mwingi Town after the brakes of the TransCounty bus failed and the bus lost control and crashed on one side of the road. This is even after the NTSA conducted an overnight crackdown to ensure that vehicles adhere strictly to the set traffic rules and regulations.

This accident has happened just a day after the festive season full of accidents which have seen hundreds of Kenyans lose their lives out of uncontrolled road carnage.
According to survivors of the accident, the bus was faulty but the driver ignored calls by passengers to have the bus checked.

“We started by feeling a bad smell as if of a burning tyre, but when we complained to the driver he ignored us saying that everything was fine. Somewhere at Kithimani, the driver stopped the bus and together with a mechanic who was in the bus fastened some loose bolts in the brake pads,” said one commuter.

Another survivor said that when they approached Kanginga, they notted that the driver was struggling to control the bus and when they realized that something was wrong, suddenly the us lost control and crashed on one side of the road.

“When I noted what was happening I shouted ‘Jesus..Jesus’ and we lying in the bus helplessly after it crashed,” Said another Commuter.

Fortunately, no death has so far been reported but some passengers have suffered severe injuries.
Wiper Nominated MCA Colleta Kimanzi castigated the police for allowing a faulty bus to operate without taking action, something which nearly caused death of many Kenyan.

Madam Kimanzi called transport agencies to take drastic measures in order to curb the increased number of road accidents happening daily on Kenyan roads.

“Why did the police allow a road unworthy vehicle to operate with even one of its tyres tied with a rope?” Wondered Madam Kimanzi

It’s just a few days ago when Mwingi Central MP Dr. Gideon Mulyungi threatened to table a motion in parliament to have the National Transport and Safety authority disbanded due its failure in controlling increased road accidents.


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