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Mwingi central MP Dr. Gideon Mulyungi has issued threats that the Wiper Party is likely to pull out from NASA, if the ODM party doesn’t stop its dictatorship and share positions in parliamentary committee among the coalition partners equitably.

Addressing a congregation of Clergy from across his constituency at his home at Kalisasi in Mwingi central sub-county for thanks giving prayers, Dr. Mulyungi alluded that NASA coalition is headed for a major split if drastic measures are not taken to address dissatisfaction among smaller parties forming the coalition.

The vocal legislator wondered why ODM had preserved all the key position for its members and completely side-lined other parties in the coalition in holding key positions in the National Assembly.
In the past few weeks, there has been a lot in-fights among members of different parties forming NASA over who should be included in which parliamentary committee, amid claims that the ODM party has side-lined other smaller parties in sharing leadership positions in the house.

According to Mulyungi, ODM party has reserved all top leadership positions in parliament and in all committees of parliament and this has angered smaller parties which are key partners in the coalition.

“I don’t see this coalition lasting long if instant negotiations are not done to address dictatorial tendencies being showcased by ODM in parliament. How can a single political party in coalition solely share all the key leadership in parliament among its members?” Wondered the vocal legislator

Mulyungi has also pointed out that Wiper will front Kalonzo as their presidential candidate come 2022, whether NASA leader Raila Odinga will support them or not.

“Kalonzo Musyoka Must be in the ballot in 2022 come what may, the Kamba community has been kept waiting for long and now it’s our time to lead this nation with or without Raila’s support,” Alluded Dr. Mulyungi.

He said that the Kamba community has waited for long and now it’s their time for their voice to be heard in the leadership of the nation and it doesn’t only need support from a single individual in doing so.

Before the August 8th general elections, NASA leadership signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) only allowing Raila to run for presidency, after which the other three co-principals will decide who among them will run for presidency in 2022.

Mulyungi’s remarks are seen to be clear message from the Wiper Party towards their coalition partners, that they must be ready to support the Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka or else prepare to part ways as his journey to presidential candidature in 2022 has already kicked off.

His remarks can’t be taken for granted, as the legislator is known to be endeared to Kalonzo and his personal friend for so long and his remarks might be a direct message from Kalonzo to Raila Odinga and other coalition partners. 


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