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Family of a 14 year old girl from Maiyuni village in Kavaini location, Mwingi West constituency is pleading for justice, after 40 years old man who allegedly defiled their daughter was released on unclear circumstances.

According to the family of the class 7 Pupil, their daughter was defiled by a family employee on 21st of November 2017 and the case was reported at both Mwingi and Nguutani police stations. The family is unhappy with the circumstances under which the suspect was arrested and mysteriously released, without the police preferring any charges against him while the law on sexual offenses is quite clear.

The 14 years old girl who was defiled by a family employee
Also in possession of the family are two conflicting medical reports, one from Mwingi level IV hospital indicating that the girl was not defiled and another one from Nairobi Women Hospital showing that the girl was actually defiled.

The girl explained the ordeal she went through saying that she was doing her studies at the sitting room when the employee suddenly surfaced and grabbed her, she tried to struggle but she was overpowered and the man ended up defiling her. After that, she informed a neighbour who called her grandmother and they took her to hospital.

Christine Ndanu, mother to the victim said that she got a call from her mother claiming that her daughter had been defiled by their employee. She directed them to immediately take her to hospital for examination. However, after they went for the results the following day at Mwingi Level IV, they indicated that the girl wasn’t defiled.

Ndanu said that later they proceeded to Mwingi law courts, but court officials told them that the suspect had no case to answer as the medical report already shown that their wasn’t such an act.
It’s at this point when the mother decided to take her child to Nairobi women hospital for further examination. To her dismay, medical report at Nairobi women indicated that her daughter had been defiled.

This has left the family wondering where the disparity in the two medical reports arose from, amid fears that the one at Mwingi Level IV might have been interfered with in order to ensure that the suspect goes free.


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