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Kalonzo terms his security withdrawal by JP regime unconstitutional

Kalonzo terms his security withdrawal by JP regime unconstitutional
NASA presidential running mate Kalonzo Musyoka now claims Jubilee have sinister motive to derail the October 26th election.
Kalonzo says the Constitution stipulates that the elections can only be stopped if any of the presidential candidates or running mates dies.
The Wiper Leader now claims the unilateral withdrawal of their security both mobile and their residents in the midst of the election campaigns proves that the ruling regime is on a mischievous mission.
“Today, the other two officers attached to me have been notified to report back to their stations one week after recalling and re-deploying officers who were moving around with me” says Kalonzo 
This clearly is against the constitution 2010 and the elections rules of this nation. 
Kalonzo says the purported petition against himself and Hon Raila is a screen smoke by the jubilee regime to intimate the opposition leaders.
“I want to refer the petitioner one Kinyanjui to Article 138 of the constitution: When you withdraw the security of the presidential candidates, it is like allowing thug to go and “fix” them” Concluded Kalonzo  
On matters elections, Kalonzo says the said reforms are just cosmetic to blind fold Kenyans that there are meaningful changes being done in readiness for the election.
“Whatever Chebukati announced are just but cosmetics, they have already set systems for rigging the elections, none of our demands have being addressed” said Kalonzo

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