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Father found killed and dumped in toilet, son quizzed by police

Father found killed and dumped in toilet, son quizzed by police
Peter Musya is arrested by police officer for allegedly killing his father Isaac Makola/ Photo By Boniface Kanyali
A body of a 60 year old man from Waita Location in Mwingi Central Constituency has been retrieved from a pit latrine where it had been dumped, after he was killed by his  20 year old son following a family conflict.
This has happened just a day, after another body of a 78 years old woman was who had been killed by sons of her co-wife, was retrieved in a deep well at Nguni in Mwingi.
Isaac Musya Makola went missing four day ago and nobody seemed to know his whereabouts.
According to the area chief Lawrence Mwangangi, it’s until the son to the missing man Peter Musya was cornered by neighbours selling his father’s goats at Kamuwongo market, when efforts to trace his father got a new shape.
Body of Isaac Musya Makola is loaded to police van for investigations into his murder. His son was suspected to be involved in the killing. Photo By Boniface Kanyali

After questioning about where he got the goats, the 20 year old lied that the goats had been given to him by his father. The residents informed the area chief who accompanied them to Isaac Musya’s home.
When they arrived at the home, the father was still missing. They suspected that the boy was lying and after further interrogation by Mwingi police, the boy revealed that he had killed his father and dumped him in a nearby pit latrine.
The pit latrine was uncovered and the body of the sixty year old retrieved. The boy has since been arrested alongside other two compatriots and the body taken to Mwingi Level IV Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem to identify cause of the death.

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