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Shock as baby “resurrects” in its burial

Shock as baby “resurrects” in its burial

A burial ceremony at Mbondoni area in Mwingi yesterday turned into a moment of shock and disbelief, as a month old baby regained her life few minutes before she was laid to rest.
The one and half months old infant is said to have passed away three days ago out of a sudden sickness, family members were informed and burial ceremony was set to be yesterday and even the tomb had been prepared for the same.

After the requiem prayers few women were send to dress and collect the body of the young one for burial, it was while they were dressing the body that they noted a change in temperature of the body before the child suddenly coughed to the disbelief of the women.
Once the mourners got the information that the child has regained life, some are said to have vanished, while others left shocked beyond imagination.

According to Major Mwenga, a relative to the deceased, they had made all the preparations for the burial and the child had been confirmed dead.

Mwenga said that after the baby girl regained life, the family rushed her to her nearby hospital where she is currently recuperating and they have already informed the authorities about the same.

He also said that they have to burry a banana trunk on the top of the tombstone according to the Kamba culture, or else more people will die out of this.

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