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Mwingi village demand compensation from KWS after hyena kills 4 goats

Mwingi village demand compensation from KWS after hyena kills 4 goats


Yumbu residents carry a goat carcass that was killed by stray hyena. Photo By Musyoka Ngui
A village in Mwingi is reeling from a dire human wildlife conflict after a hyena went on rampage killing four goats owned by one family.

Mwende Mwendwa, a resident of Yumbu sub-location said that the hyena has caused her hamlet untold loss due to continued raids it conducts. There were claims that the hyena could be in a pack of five to ten that roams the village at night.

The hyenas retreat to the hills of Yumbu that are dense and impenetrable. The hills also play home to monkeys which also steal goat kids as well as as raiding their crop fields and damaging the produce.

In April 2017 nine goats were killed by stray hyenas in the same area. The villagers wonder how many more will have to die for the Kenya Wildlife Service to take their case seriously. The issue was brought to the attention of local media and the mainstream with a view to highlighting the plight of the Yumbu residents.
Mrs. Mwende Mwendwa examines her goat that was killed by hyena. She is demanding compensation from KWS Photo By Musyoka Ngui

However, tracking the hyenas has been elusive as there were narratives shrouding the operation detailing that there could be an insider who reincarnates into wild animals at night and launches a killing spree before resuming his normal human self at dawn.

All the carcasses had a similar pattern of killing-strangling the victim at the head with canines, injuring the udder, the head and the loins before devouring the intestines in a merciless disemboweling that smirks of ruthless attack that must be stopped before worse comes to worst.

“I want the government to compensate me at least Sh.100000 as I have suffered in the hands of stray hyenas,” said Mwende.

Kitui County Chairperson for Wildlife Conservation Management Committee Cyril Mwasya Mwinzi advised the victims to file formal complaints to the KWS office in Mwingi and obtain documentary evidence of the same. He said the government is committed to compensating genuine cases of human wildlife conflict losses as per the Kenya Wildlife Conservation Management Act, 2013.
The Yumbu hills which are hyena and monkey hideout Photo By Musyoka Ngui

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