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Give Wiper a Six Piece Suit, Malombe tells Kyuso teachers

Give Wiper a Six Piece Suit, Malombe tells Kyuso teachers


Kitui County Governor Dr. Julius Malombe has urged people from the Kamba nation to rally their support for their son Kalonzo in NASA, by ensuring that they vote in all Wiper Party candidates so as to give their party leader bargaining power in 2022 elections.

Addressing a meeting with teachers at Kyuso, Malombe called upon Kitui people to vote for Wiper candidates in 6 pieces as way of showing solidarity with the Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka and as a way of strengthening the party for 2022 elections.

Dr. Malombe said that whoever will be the flag bearer for NASA in 2022 will be determined by how people vote in 2017 elections, that’s why the Kamba nation should overwhelmingly vote for Wiper candidates and Raila Odinga as their presidential candidates, so as to assure Kalonzo the seat in 2022 now that Raila Odinga will be a one term president.

The governor pointed out that it might be quite unfortunate for Kalonzo to have somebody from another party as the governor for Kitui, hence he pleaded with teachers to elect him as their governor so as to give their son confident in the national political arena.

He gave an assurance that Kitui County will deliver maximum Wiper seats to NASA and that residents will turn up in large numbers to vote for Raila and assure NASA undisputable win.

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