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I am not competing with anybody, declares Munuve as he readies JP takeover in Mwingi

I am not competing with anybody, declares Munuve as he readies JP takeover in Mwingi
Mwingi North MP John Munuve  Photo/Mwingi Times


Jubilee party secretariat in Kitui has vowed to use all tricks in the book in order to ensure that it wins maximum number of political seats in Kitui County including winning the parliamentary seat in Kalonzo’s backyard of Mwingi North Constituency despite the region being perceived as a Wiper Party stronghold.

Speaking during a meeting at Kyuso which was aimed at establishment of a fully functional secretariat to help in campaigns at Mwingi North Constituency, Josephat Mulyungi who had been sent by other County officials to oversee the process said that their key motive is to liberate the people of Kitui from neo-colonialism which they have suffered under the Wiper Party.

Mulyungi said that multi-party democracy came so that people may be free to make their political choices without being compelled to do so. He said Kalonzo and his party will be in for a rude shock come August 8 elections, as the Jubilee party is ready to take over Kitui county from their main rival Wiper Party.

Mwingi North MP John Munuve said that he is confident that he will retain his seat on a Jubilee ticket, owing to the outstanding development track record he has achieved in his constituency.

Munuve said that he took over the constituency in a very poor state, but he has managed to improve the standards of living of his people by establishing transformative education programs, as well as directly engaging residents on different ways of alleviating poverty from the area.

The legislator, who is Kalonzo’s home MP said that he is not competing with anybody, not even Kalonzo as his development record will fight on his behalf.

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