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Shock as two school children drown while fetching water from Migwani dam

Shock as two school children drown while fetching water from Migwani dam  

Two school children have drowned while fetching water from an earth dam at Kang’utheni in Migwani Sub-county, Mwingi West constituency in Kitui County.
The two, a form two student at Ndaluni Secondary School in Migwani and a class three pupil were among four children who are said to have been sent to fetch water from a nearby dam by their mother, before they drown after they tried to reach out for a water can which has sunk into the water.

   Residents of the area had been searching for the bodies of the two since yesterday night, till a young man from the area volunteered to fetch for the bodies. The body of the Form Two girls was recovered yesterday night, while the remaining body of a class three pupil at Kang’utheni Primary School was recovered this afternoon by the same young man.


    However, the father to the deceased girl Thomas Oriedo thanked the people who volunteered to retrieve the body of the girl, but at the same time blamed the school administration of Ndaluni secondary school for sending home students without informing their parents which caused the death of his daughter. 

   Addressing residents of the area moments after the second body was retrieved, Migwani D.O Hellen Serem urged residents to avoid sending school children to fetch water in dams alone in order to avoid witnessing more deaths of young kids from the area.

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