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Government must address bandit attacks in Kitui

Government must address bandit attacks in Kitui 
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Entire households are staring at nail-biting banditry danger in Kitui County in the face of sharp violence escalation which left four dead.

   Children and women bear the brunt of the conflict as is anywhere in the world. Amid all the tension the question is where is the national government under whose mandate is the security docket?

 Ngomeni and Nguni wards are claimed to be the theaters of banditry according to local sources.

Consequently, children in the affected areas cannot reopen their schools neither can their teachers serve them owing to the mortal fears of bandit attacks.


Families had to make hard and painful decisions of leaving the only place they have known as home for years.

Coming against the backdrop of failed crops, the families have to put up with hiding in the bushes, health centers, churches and police bases in empty stomachs and relentless hunger pangs.

Water and grazing lands across Kitui and Tana River counties remain contested among inter border neighbors but the calm is no longer easy. About 2500 people have been affected by the New Year attacks.

The attackers were reportedly armed with AK-47 assault rifles against locals only armed with bows and arrows. There is need to increase the number of police officers deployed in the region and facilitating them effectively to discharge the cardinal duty of government which is to protect civilians.

Justice should be seen to be done with police investigating the suspected assailants with a view to bringing them to justice. Leaders on both sides of the communities should also watch their mouths to avoid dividing the people especially now we are headed to general elections.

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