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Mwingi female prisoners get temporary wing in new prison reforms

Mwingi female prisoners get temporary wing in new prison reforms
Commissioner General of Prisons Isaiah Osugu(Left) is welcomed to Mwingi GK Prison during the opening of a female wing at the facility on November 4,2016. Looking on is the director of Operations James Kodieny (Centre) Photo/ MWINGI TIMES

The government saved Sh.400 million following the release of 7000 guests of the state on the Mashujaa Day when President Uhuru Kenyatta exercised the power of mercy, top Kenya Prisons chief has said.

   The Commissioner General of Prisons (CGP) Isaiah Osugu also said that nationally the government will build over 5000 houses for prison warders and already 1500 of them will be completed by the end of this financial year. Mwingi GK Prison which is only eight years old will get 50 new warders quarters. The move will enhance prison staff welfare and boost security in the region.
  In Mwingi GK Prisons, the CGP announced that the state will construct temporary wing for women prisoners for convicts and remands to be held there rather than at Kitui Women’s Prisons. The centre will house convicts and remands from Mwingi, Kyuso and Migwani Law Courts.

  The presidential pardon also cut down the number of prisoners to 45000. This, according to Mr. Osugu, has reduced the operational cost for prisoners and eased the pressure on the overcrowded prisons.

  “We will soon make this facility fully operational so that we can have female prisoners here and even enable those who will be remanded to operate from here,” he said.
  In his Mashujaa Day speech, President Kenyatta said that he was releasing the petty offenders to create space for the corrupt individuals.
  “There is now enough space for the big thieves for the Chief Justice to jail them….there is a lot of space now to deal with those people, he said.

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